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Professional R&D teamIn

 Sunnylove Sunshine Children from the world to find top designers, professional

  R&D design team dedicated to the development of newborn babies and parenting parents

  A product that is scientific and meets the human experience. Every time we innovate, we are all

  Insufficient traditions and lead new industry trends.


R & D re sul ts

Sunnylove Sunshine Children brings together global resources and continues research and development. Currently, it has 40 patented technologies.

Moreover, a number of functional patented technologies have been favored by international first-line brands. 2012, working with German designers to develop designs

The world's leading state-of-the-art system. This design once again refreshes the safety standards for baby carriages.

   In 2010, the company cooperated with Italian designers to develop the design "1 second one-handed collection system (T-SHF)". It has completely subverted the complex and laborious stroller folding method and has become a new benchmark in the industry.