Since its inception, Sunnylove Sunshine Children has been striving to create safe baby carriages with better technology. Every part and every process is strictly controlled by national standards.

Dynamic durability test

The national standard GB14748-2006 is 36,000 times;

The European standard EN1888-2012 is 72000 times;

Sunshine Children implements the international top brand enterprise standard of 300,000 times.


International standard product testing laboratory

Dynamic durability road running test, durability lifted down pressure test, vehicle salt

Fog experiment, vehicle freezing test, stability test, dynamic strength test,

Parking device and brake device effectiveness test, stack pressure test, etc. Each one

Products must go through dozens of items, or even hundreds of safety tests, before they can be put on the market.

International standard

With the product manufacturing level, we have obtained EN18882012, German GS, American F833-2008, Australian Standard AS.NZS2088, National Standard GB14748-2006 and other domestic and international standards certification.